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Propane Facts is the online resource in Canada for information about propane and its fleet benefits

Propane Facts is Canada's online destination for information on propane


Propane makes sense, and Propane Facts is spreading the word.


Propane Facts is a not-for-profit initiative established through an alliance of energy industry leaders. Propane Facts collaborates with industry, government, and academia to provide education on the benefits of propane through reliable and factual information. 

Our mission is to illustrate why propane is Canada’s best alternative fuel. We aim to improve the public's awareness of the fleet benefits of propane, while providing a helpful learning resource for the Canadian propane industry as a whole. 

Propane Facts is working to revolutionize the Canadian energy environment by promoting the use of propane - a clean, affordable, and abundant alternative energy source. Together we can explore the untapped potential of propane and fuel Canada's future as a self-sustaining energy powerhouse.

Propane Facts is working with industry and consumers to

revolutionize the Canadian energy environment.

As a cost-effective fuel source, propane is especially suited to high-consumption light- and medium- duty transportation fleets. Thanks to its versatility, propane is also used in countless applications from greenhouse heating to aerosol sprays. 


As the Canadian Propane Association states, propane is Canada's best kept secret. While Canada produces an abundance of this alternative fuel, we have not yet capitalized on the extent of its potential. This is not the case internationally, where propane has earned the title of world's most multi-purpose fuel. This clean and convenient energy source is currently helping to improve 

safety and health conditions for half the world's population, delivering emergency relief, and slowing climate change

Our Missions

Propane Facts is proud to be supported by the following industry leaders who are dedicated to promoting propane, growing the Canadian economy, and encouraging a healthier world.  Click a logo to learn more about each of our sponsors.

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Propane Facts is revolutionizing the Canadian energy environment by promoting the use of propane - a clean, affordable, and abundant alternative energy source. We are positioning propane as the future of on-road fleet transportation.


Propane Facts is committed to equality and accessibility. Please CONTACT US if you require website material in alternate formats.

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